Of gears and time.

Just warming up!

Prologue Chapter 1: Neil Silverburg

I fell to the ground with a loud thud.
“What, is that it, 4 gp? What a waste.”
I was getting a bit tired of getting beaten up by these thugs at this point, but I couldn’t get to my knife.
So, being the resourceful man that I am, grabbed a nearby pipe, and swung it.
It landed with a satisfying whack! and the Halfling fell to the ground.
Couple of teeth busted out, probably broke his jaw in about six places; not too bad.
The half-elf in charge of the group looked a little more than surprised that a “pretty-boy” such as myself, could fight back.

Now, in my defense, I am told that I am very handsome. Also doesn’t help them with my training with the city guard and everything.

“Holy shit pretty-boy’s got some moves!” the half-elf laughed.
I let out a bit of a smirk. At least these guys weren’t total dumbasses; they could notice when someone could kick some tail. “of course I can, you think I’m just a pretty face? You obviously haven’t a single clue who in the world you’re messing with, do you?” 
C’mon Neil, find the mark…
The lead pipe flashed in a blue aura as the business end turned to solid nitrogen.
By the Lady I love this magic of mine
The Halffie took a step back and pulled a hand crossbow. Really?
As the bolt launched off the device, I ducked down. The bolt flew harmlessly overhead. never aim for the head at long-range, it never works.
As I took a stride towards him, he readied another bolt, this one got me in the arm. 
I took one last step and brought the pipe down and forced all of its power out of it at once, freezing the Halffie solid. I swung again with a lesser infusion – acid – that melted through the four inch thick block of ice and sent him sprawling. As he was unconscious, I lifted my knife from the ground where the halfling had knocked it out of my hand.
I waited a good ten minutes before the thugs came to, and then I beat them up again, just to make sure they’d stop the stupidity. I administered some healing to the two, just making sure that they’d be fine.
What they didn’t know was that I had stolen their cash when they were out, totaling me with just enough for what I’d needed.
But still, a couple of petty thugs hefting around almost seven hundred was a little absurd.

As I walked to the Doctor’s, I took a quick stop by Bertram’s place.
There went the last of my pay that week, but it was well spent. I’m still glad Bert had been so understanding with my dilemma.
I walked out of his place with some new padded clothes- made with leather, and a sword. 
The blade was a thing of beauty, made from my trusty knife I had since I’d been dropped off in this city. It had an almost ocean like wave pattern on the sharpened steel, made by the warping and fusing of the alloys used to make the thing.
As I walked into the doc’s place, I immediately senced something was odd.
Notably, the place had women inside.
Nine Hells, that was a lot of women.
As in, I had no effing clue as to how I was supposed to get in, it was that packed with the fairer sex.
And they were loud.
Very loud.
I did some quick thinking, and whipped up a little ticking contraption.
Ten seconds.
The lobby cleared in ten seconds.
Setting the rather loud oven timer aside, I walked up to Mister (Misses? I still can’t tell) Deepwood. 
“Hey doc! How you doin’?” 
“Mister Silverburg, must you do that every time a new fad catches on?” the doctor said, putting (This is why I hate Elves. You can never tell the men from the flatties, and even if they happen to have a pair of sweater puppies, you still have trouble!) said, putting (just using HER here, because, you know) her clipboard down next to her piece of charcoal.
“I mean honestley, you try running a farmacutical business with this new flavored seltzer water everyone wants. Thank you though.”
“No problem at all Doctor!” I put the bag of five hundred gold pieces down on her counter. “again, sorry it’s not all at once, but can you keep an eye or two on Alice while I leave. When I come back, I’ll have something that’ll definitely put your place in the history books!”
“Neil, you know as well as I know that the Panecea doesn’t exist. It’s just a myth.” 
“Ah, but there is one thing you keep seeming to forget!”
“What’s that?”
I let a smile creep up my lip
“The fact that where there’s a will, there’s a way!”
The doctor put her palm to her face as I walked away.
As I opened the door at the opposite end of the room, I herd just what I needed from the doctor: “Five hundred gold? Silverburg, with this kind of money, you better marry that girl when you get back!”
Of course one month of treatment only cost one gold piece, but I think the doctor knew what I ment by the massive total.

As I walked down the street to the old Orphanage, I exchanged glances with a few passerby, and noticed a rather tanned, horned “gentleman” standing in front of the door.
“No entry.” he said, blocking my path in.
Goody, this again. “The password is Ophelia once whacked a trillion trilobites.”
The Tiefling lifted his arm and let me in with a grin on his face. “Good to see that you haven’t been impersonated yet, but then again, why would anyone want to?” oh, Ha ha, very funny.
“Ed, let me in.”
“Whoa! Looks like we’ve got a badass over here!”
As I walked up the stairs, I took one step down on the third step up to let her know I was coming to see her. At the top of the stairs, there was a slight rustling sound as put herself back into bed.
I knocked on her door, third from the end of the hall -the only occupied room in the place besides Ed’s when he stayed overnight. 
There was a light “Come in” followed up with a cough.
I walked into Alice’s old room as one of the little clockworks I gave her detonated, launching confetti all over the place.
The Half-Elf was sitting upright in her bed, in her nightgown – as per usual – except she had a smile on her face, and had a box in her hand. “Happy Birthday Neil!” she managed to let out before letting out another cough.
Goodness she is so pretty
“Thank you!” I let out as I hugged her closely. 
“Ouch.” she squeaked.
“Sorry.” I let go. 
“It’s fine.” she smiled. Avandra, I love it when she smiles.

For pretty much being my little sister for a good portion of my life (until puberty, anyway), Cecilia was one of the most adorable things ever born. Ever.


Unfortunately, she had caught a case of the disease called Fey Fever, which is caused by getting caught in the opening of a portal of any description.
The reason I was leaving was to find the Panacea, a magic medicine that can cure all diseases, but its recipe was lost when the Nameless One fell at the dawn of time.

She handed me the small box in her hand.
Inside was a small metal sun
It was made with rubies cut to look like the rays coming off of the golden disc of the sun. Behind the main part was a small silver… Wait… That wasn’t silver.
That was platinum.
There was a small platinum crescent moon, that looked like it was connected to the sun by diamonds.
The chain that was attached was made of stainless steel.
This was the single most expensive thing I had ever seen.
“H… How did you get this?” I asked, absolutely dumbfounded.
Cecilia looked down, and then up to me with a big grin. “I sang!”
“I actually went outside when I could, and sang for money.”
You could not believe how happy I was for this young woman (who am I kidding, she is a half-year younger than me). She actually got up, despite this horrifyingly terrible disease, just to sing to get something for me!
But then I realized that her getting up and exerting herself at all was bad. I could tell she knew what I was about to say.
“I absolutely love it! But, you know what the doctor said.”
“yeah. But it’s your eighteenth birthday! You should get something important!”
By the lady, I love this woman.
I then flipped the little amulet over to see that my named was carved into the piece, alongside hers. Between the two was a symbol that signified Luck that glowed a faint green.
After a small celebration, I left. 
It was time to make Cecilia better.

Hello all! This is my first attempt at a fanfic!
Please don’t hurt me.
But any hoozle, this is, as you probably know, a Dungeons and Dragons Fic, which will be used to tell the tales of my party and I as we adventure forth in the world! With each PC introduced to the party, and you guys, I’ll attempt a bio for each.
Let’s get started!

Neil Silverburg:
Human Artificer
Level 1 skills: magic weapon, aggravating force, thundering armor
Encounter power: scouring weapons
Daily: icebound sigil
Trained skills: arcana, dungeoneering, theivery, diplomacy, perception
Feats: mark of making, longsword training, ritual casting
Worldly possessions: long sword, leather armor, 100 gp, spellstone, hand crossbow, 60 bolts, 10 gp in residiuum, adventurers kit, one potato.
Played by: yours truly! Tristan!
Appearance : black hair, blue eyes, 5’11", 134lbs, 18 years of age
Bio: a young man from the city of Alexandria, he left to find a cure for his sweetheart’s illness. A bit brash, but very level headed.



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